Are you ready to

Be the Enlightened Joyful Abundant You 

that you came here to be?

With this program you will experience Sound Therapy Energy Transformation Meditations that allow you to create Joyful Abundance: more money, income, clients, health, love and soul mission career in a fun and Joyful way! You will hear songs from the Angelic Realm and Light Language that will assist you in creating abundance in all areas  of your life. How fun is that?

Are you ready to spread your wings and fly?

This 90 day Program will allow you to BE The Enlightened Joyful Abundant Being you came here to Be, share your gifts with the world and Celebrate Your Joyful new life and Career.

Here’s what you’ll receive in the program

9 Live Group Calls on Zoom

9x Live Group Calls on Zoom – Weekly Group Calls to clear your energy field and allow you to receive Health and Joyful Abundance in all areas of your life! You will have an opportunity to receive an Angel Song Reading as well as Light Language Activations if you attend live!

Calls are live each each Thursday for the first 3 weeks of each month.

Joyful Transformation Activations

21 Days of Joyful Transformation Activations – Create a life of Joyful Abundance! This program has bite-sized activations that will assist in transforming your life and calling in all the health, wealth and all that you are choosing for your Joyful Abundant Life. You will experience Light Language which will bypass the thinking mind and is fast and effective to bring you the change that you are asking for.

It is a program that you can use again and again, and is your daily shift program that you do to create what you choose that lights you up and gives you joy!

Actualize Abundance with Ease and Joy Classes

Class 1: Actualize Abundance – How to Ask and Receive with Joy!

This class will assist you in creating money that you invest in yourself to come back to you 10-fold and keep it coming in to bring you even more that you can imagine!

  • You will learn how to stay in your own Energy Vibration and create from Joy.

  • You will learn how to move from the Scarcity – lack self to your powerful Creative Self!

  • You will learn tools to change your limiting beliefs that you will use your entire life!

  • Learn Tools to create Abundance, money income clients, Joy, fun and love and more!

  • Hear a song from the Angelic Realm how to keep creating your abundance by doing what you love!

Class 2: Clear Fears and Be the Warrior you Are – not the Worrier!

  • Clear the Trickster Energy that is not allowing you to have and receive abundance – that unknown, not named energy that has been stopping you for eons!

  • Clear the resistance and the distraction energies not allowing you to share your gifts with the world!

  • How to stop the spinning energy keeping you from having what you are asking for?

  • How to master your life as Warriors not worriers!

  • Clear distraction energies and oaths and vows and contracts!

  • How to stop worrying about not having money once and for all!

  • Experience a Chakra Warrior clearing and Creating Meditation!

  • To create a space for you to become a Warrior with your money!

  • Clear your vows of poverty keeping you from being the mighty warrior you are!

  • Break through the fears that are stopping you from sharing your gifts with the world and get about your business of being the powerful Warrior and Powerful Positive Contributor that you are!

  • Learn the #1 tool to break through the Darkness of the Soul and keep going to create what you are asking for!

  • Experience a Clearing Mediation with a message to allow you to be the warrior you are and to draw to you all the abundance you are asking for!

  • Cut Chords form all the negative energies and people who are not contributing to you! You may leave you for fears about money and transform it to a new energy of positive new joyful possibilities!

You will bring new energy into your body and your life- You will embody this new energy of Abundance How to stop listening to those negative limiting beliefs and move from being a Worrier to a Warrior!

Class 3: Connect and create Abundance!

Learn the #1 way to always have money, always have time!

  • Learn the 5 most effective ways to have clients, money and Abundance show up in your life

  • Learn how to start your day as a blank slate and choose from there to create in a Joyful way that will bring you more fun having what you are asking for in your life and have nothing to worry about!

  • Learn how to actualize what you are choosing, and have it really show up in your life, so you can have it!

  • Learn the clearing statement that will uproot you from the very core of the limited belief systems you have been holding on to!

  • Learn how to attract to you more than you even ever know to ask for, greater than you could even imagine! I called to me a house with an outside hot tub looking over the tops of trees with observation decks that hold 30 people- I would not have thought to ask for that!

  • Learn to plan your life so you have money for everything you want for your life now and in the future!

  • Learn how to be an energy magnet that pulls all clients, your income, your money and all that will contribute to you to you with ease and joy!

Class 4: How to be a contribution to yourself, your family and the world!

In this class you will experience a Future Self meditation and a Energy Pull Meditation that puts you into an energetic alignment to create all you are asking for and more than you can even imagine!

Your future self will bring you information that will bring you your Joyful Abundance and contribute to your world now and in your Future! I just Love the energy on this call! Enjoy creating Your Future self now!

Enlightened Philanthropists Intuitives Classes (EPIC)

4x Enlightened Philanthropist Intuitive Classes (EPIC) featuring Angels, Essential Oils and Sound Therapy.

In these classes you will experience: 

CLEARING – to assist in removing blocks, fears that may be holding you back from creating your Enlightened Philanthropist Abundant Life and morph into the Enlightened Philanthropist Energy!

CONNECTING – to your Powerful Enlightened Philanthropist Self in a High Vibration Frequency of Love and Trust

CREATING – and moving you into your Enlightened Philanthropist Knowingness self of creating what you choose and ask for!

CONTRIBUTING to the world and holding the Enlightened Philanthropist Vibration that allows you to contribute more Joyful Abundant Possibilities in our world.

BONUS: Private Facebook Group

Private Facebook Membership – Here we gather to support and uplift each other in creating our Joyful Abundant lives. Receive updates and reminders of live group calls as well as exclusive meditations and bonuses specially for the group. 

BONUS: Powerful Meditations for Every Day

Unplugging Meditation

This meditation will release baggage and unplug you from all disease. No worries, no fears, no judgement – just Bliss. This meditation uses light language to assist in dropping all the fears and dis-ease you are carrying. You can drop it and feel a new energy of health with this meditation.

The Greatness of You Meditation

Feel what it feels like to BE in the Energy Field of the Greatness of You! You will Experience the I am Vibration Frequency of the Greatness of You! Give yourself this gift to Feel the power of this meditation! This is much more powerful than you know.

Time Travel Meditation

This is an activation that will allow you to release all the limiting energies from this lifetime and other lifetimes that have tripped you up and stopped you from having your Joyful Abundant Life. This has been life-changing for many people!

Releasing Limitations Meditation

Release the energy in your body where you are holding a limitation – all sickness and PAIN! You will Be Empowered and know how to heal yourself with this meditation. Would you like to feel in charge of your health and feel good being here on the planet?

Be Empowered Meditation

This meditation will Activate and Empower you to receive from your Highest Guides and Angels to spread your Wings and share your gifts and shine! With Light Language – you will feel the NEW Emerald Green Energy of growing and Being comfortable Being here. You will receive the Energy that will allow you to attract Health, Money and Joy for yourself and to share with others! You will experience the NEW Golden Light Energy to Create More Joyful Abundance than you can even imagine! You will BE Empowered to BE in your full Power and create a life of JOY. You will hear the message from the Angels of Gratitude and Be in the Vibration of Celebration and Joy to create all the Joyful Abundance that you Ask for with Gratitude!

DNA Activation Meditation

This will give you more intuition and clear the family lineage problems and genetic Karmic Patterns. This will give you strength and a stronger immunity, you will have strength to solve problems and life will get easier! This class addresses Ascension Symptoms and introduces Essential Oils to assist.

Chakra Clearing Meditation

You will hear an Angel Song and learn of some Essential oils that will assist you in Being in full health as your Chakras are being Cleared and Aligned to bring your Joyful Abundance of Health and Wealth! You will have your Fears Transmuted and New Doors of Possibilities Open! This will allow you to choose what gives you joy!

Rainbow Ribbon Meditation

Experience the White Light and New Energy of Rainbow Light to allow new opportunities, new possibilities and new health and to learn all lessons moving forward from the path of Joy! You will learn how to take the pain out of your body and share the gift of you without distractions.

Just for this Moment Meditation

Just for the moment feel what it would feel like without worry or fear. In this meditation the light language will empower you to choose Joyful Abundance in all areas of your life

Due to the digital nature of the training, refunds will not be available after the first Group Call.

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