Sound Therapy Activations – Light Language – Angel Songs – Essential Oils

From May 2018-November 2018 I co-created 1.3 million with Susan including a half million dollar dream home and abundance continued to flow to me receiving 16,000 plus in unexpected checks.

When I heard Susan sing an angel song on FHTJ back in May of 2018, I sobbed, but in the best way possible… It was a huge release. After the live call I tried to fight buying her package for two days, but something kept telling me I had to work with Susan. At the time I really didn’t have the $97 for package A, but I robbed Peter to pay Paul anyway. I immediately started listening to the first class recording and before I could even get the homework done before I received a message on Facebook offering me $500 for services and I had never even charged that much!

I immediately upgraded to package B and within a few days another unexpected check arrived for $3700.00 so I upgraded again. At the end of the four week class with Susan I had co-created $700k and she cleared a massive amount of trauma that had been interfering with me living my life to the fullest. I didn’t realize how much this trauma was not only holding me back but holding my checking account hostage. Susan helped me manifest the selling of our old home which we had struggled with previously as well as selling my grandfather’s house that I had been trying to sell for a year.

Within a week of working with Susan on it, my grandfather’s house sold!”


After working with Susan and her light language I was able to start my own business venture and share my unique gifts and talents I came to share with the world.


I have been asking for a new house and was stuck finding one- after one session with Susan with her powerful light language I now have my most beautiful dream house and it was so easy! Wow after one session! I am celebrating!


I was stuck with all kinds of family problems and estate problems and after one light language session it all cleared up and I had all the money I needed to buy my new town house. This is amazing how fast and effective it is working with Susan and her gifts that are truly a gift to us all!


After working with Susan and the light language I broke through to the most amazing adventure of being seen by 1000s and sharing my gifts with the world in a Big way. She coached me and used her gifts as a knowledgeable teacher and her light language and sound therapy to allow me to be calm and organized and confident as I did a Big Tele-sumit and I am so very grateful for all she shares and all she is!


Since Working With Susan & the Light Language these have happened…

“Thank you so much for the session today! The energy in our house has completely changed around. Kaitlyn was even giggling with her sister when I got off the phone. I haven’t heard that sound in awhile. ! You truly are a magical Mary Poppins!”


“WOW CELEBRATION!!!! MY MANIFESTATION WAS SO AMAZING!!! Yesterday I let it go that the 2nd house my parents bought for investment with a loan shall sell since they’re really stuck with money. AND BOOM today there’s a buyer for 2.2 million!!!!  this is amazing since there was no offer at all! CELEBRATION!!!!!!!”


I have had hip pains and a twisted pelvis for years and after a session with Susan and her sound and Light language it felt so much better. I also had a painful finger that healed up before are eyes. This is amazing! I am grateful! “