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Listen to these Celebration Stories…

My First Million Dollars!

“After working with Susan for 5 months I created my first Million Dollars and it was amazing watching the process as I cleared years of stuck energy so fast! I hardly had enough money to live on – and then I took the leap of faith! I knew I had to work with Susan and everything changed and I am so grateful!”

– Karen Andrews, NC

“Being seen by 1000s and sharing my gifts with the world in a Big way”

“After working with Susan and the light language I broke through to the most amazing adventure of being seen by 1000s and sharing my gifts with the world in a Big way. She coached me and used her gifts as a knowledgable teacher and her light language and sound therapy to allow me to be calm and organized as I did a Big Telesummit and I am so very grateful for all she shares and all she is!” 

– Marcia

“I’m up to $355,500 in manifesting the past 3 weeks”

“I’m up to $355,500 in manifesting the past 3 weeks. WOW WOW WOW Thank you Susan! This is so Amazing! How can it get better than that?!?!”

– Nancy K, Virginia

“Went from 40 hrs a week job to doing what I love and making $10,000/month!”

“I went from working at an office job I hated 40 hrs a week to working when I want, where I want, doing what I love to do and making $10,000 a month doing it! I am so thankful for the tools and all I learned in Susan’s classes that allow me to live a life that is Amazing! I love my life and I am healthier than I have ever been too! Thank you Susan for helping me live a life I Love! Thank You Thank You Thank You!” 

– Mary Carlson, Chicago

“I’ve received $6,562.00 in unexpected checks since I signed up for the academy!”

– Sarah L.

“I was able to land 2 appts that will qualify me for $7,500 bonus!”

“Susan, I was stressing out about hitting my quota and after our healing session at 11am I was able to land 2 appts that will qualify me for $7500 bonus for my quota in July. Thank you so so much.” 

– Carolyn

“I’m very much calmer than I was… I received $2600 out of the blue… and created a real-estate partnership. My book is complete and I’m creating a blog.

– Barbra Benedict

“I finished a big program I’ve been working on… received $2500 out of the blue, totally unexpected… and I have helped the planet…!”

– Susan Flerchinger

“I managed to sell my house without listing with a real estate. I’ve got through the loss of my husband. I’m seeing light at the end of the tunnel.”

– Kate Daniel

“I’m so grateful in celebrating the journey we’ve been on. I feel like I was destined to be here at this time… so many tools that I’m walking with. And I finished my book recently ready for publication.”

– Amy M

“I got the money I invested in your program two times already!!!”

“I just wanted to check in and say happy joyful manifesting! Susan I got back the money I invested in your program two times already!!! It’s an awesome feeling. I just let it all flow in with ease and grace. Now I just gotta get out the way and let it continue indefinitely! Infinite gratitude” 

– Donna

“I was offered a new mortgage that will save me nearly $1,000 per month!”

“During Susan’s Joyful Actualize Abundance with Ease class, where we did clearings for money, I was offered a new mortgage that will save me nearly $1,000 per month!”

– Sandi Park – Madison WI

“WOW- in one 20 minute session she cleared decades of where I was stuck”

“I have spent over $20,000 and taken many years of classes to get my intuitive business going and still was stuck and not having my success! In one session Susan told me the missing link that was keeping me stuck! WOW- in one 20 minute session she cleared decades of where I was stuck and now I know exactly what to do to grow my business!! I am eternally grateful for her gifts!” 

– Beth Wagner, SD

“I made $1,000 two weeks in a row”

“I made $1000 two weeks in a row which I have never done before! Thanks! Words cannot express my gratitude to Susan and her wonderful team of Angels. Six years ago I went through a very traumatic experience and have been stuck since then and living on the bare minimum. After my first session with Susan, all the accumulated muck evaporated in less than an hour. Within a week I magnetized opportunities which have the potential to generate six figure income over the next 6 months. Susan’s happy and bubbly personality is contagious and inspires me to take the necessary action to achieve my goals. Thank you so much Susan”

– Alexandra

“I lost 100lbs after working with Susan”

“My Body was stopping me from living my life the way I knew I could be – I lost 100lbs after working with Susan! My life has changed completely I now am happy and healthy and loving my life!!” 

– Bonnie Jacobson, Milwaukee WI

“My stomach problems went away, I could run again, I lost 10 pounds the first week and I feel much more relaxed and calm.”

“After working with Susan my stomach problems went away. I could go for a run again and my body was so happy – I lost 10 pounds the first week and I feel much more relaxed and calm. She introduced me to Essential Oils and they have really made a wonder difference in my life and I am so grateful to have met and worked with Susan”

– Sharon, Sedona, Arizona

“After 1 session with Susan I could do a full yoga session the next day”

“I had a back injury for 3 years and could only do a child pose in yoga – After 1 session with Susan I could do a full yoga session the next day. My yoga teacher could not believe the changes and said it was a miracle!” 

– Mandy Jonas, LA

“Susan brought in Sound Therapy and the healings from the Angelic Realm to bring a flow with my painting again”

“I was stuck – as an artist I had not painted for years and it was painful, and I did not understand the resistance! Susan gently brought in Sound Therapy and the healings from the Angelic Realm to bring me not only a flow with my painting again but also weaved in Sound Therapy Codes to heal all who would be drawn to my paintings. I am doing what I love, and I am grateful!”

– Janet Barns, Florida

“I went from tears and confusion to opening my own Wellness, Dance and Art Center in a major city after working with Susan”

“I did not know what to do with my life – I just knew there was more joy possible for me! Susan asked me what gives me my greatest joy and I said I like to dance! I went from tears and confusion to opening my own Wellness, Dance and Art Center inn a major city after working with Susan. I love her energy and she has been a beautiful conntribution to my life! I recommend her to anyone looking to live a joyful life!” 

– Rosie Zeiglar, CA

After a session with Susan…

“Starting my own business and sharing my unique gifts!”

“After working with Susan and her light language I was able to start my own business venture and share my unique gifts and talents I came to share with the world.”

– Amy

“I have my most beautiful dream house after one session!”

“I have been asking for a new house and was stuck finding one – after one session with Susan with her powerful light language I now have my most beautiful dream house and it was so easy! Wow after one session! I am celebrating!” 

– Audrey

“After one light language session I had all the money I needed to buy my new town house!”

“I was stuck with all kinds of family problems and estate problems and after one light language session it all cleared up and I had all the money I needed to buy my new town house. This is amazing how fast and effective it is working with Susan and her gifts that are truly a gift to us all!”

– Jodi

“The energy in our house has completely changed”

“Thank you so much for the session today! The energy in our house has completely changed around. Kaitlyn was even giggling with her sister when I got off the phone. I haven’t heard that sound in a while! You are truly a magical Mary Poppins!” 

– Denise

“A sudden buyer pops up to buy our house that was stuck!”

“WOW CELEBRATION!!! My manifestation was so amazing!!! Yesterday I let it go that the 2nd house my parents bought for investment with a loan shall sell since they’re really stuck with money. AND BOOM today there’s a buyer for 2.2 million!!!! This is amazing since there was no offer at all! Celebration!!!!”

– Ari

“Healed up before our eyes!”

“I have had hip pains and a twisted pelvis for years and after a session with Susan and her sound and Light Language it felt so much better. I also had a painful finger that healed up before our eyes. This is amazing! I am so grateful!” 

– Mapi

“Susan made my dream real. It’s now tangible, palpable and completely realizable”

“My session with Susan opened my eyes to my own possibilities in a way that made my future absolutely real and 100% mine. Susan’s intuition is truly phenomenal. She just KNOWS and can hook you into that knowing. The changes which I have been able to make in my life on every level are simply mind-blowing. She takes the frustration and the waiting out of the equation, all I see now is a glorious future and the total possible path to get there. Susan made my dream real. It is now tangible, palpable and completely realizable. With Susan’s tools, I now wake up and can start my day inn empowerment such as I never have been able to do before. I could not recommend her more highly. ”

– Cindy, WI

“OK….I just have to say WOW!!!!! Your sessions are even more powerful than I imagined!…..and I imagined them being very powerful! What a beautiful experience you gave me. I am overcome with gratitude to you and the angels (all who participated 🙂 for the incredible insights and clarity I gained as a result of our session today. I feel a renewed sense of peace and purpose all folded in together. Thank you for being such a gift in my life, Susan, and beyond that, for being such a gift of magnitude to the WORLD!” 

– Pam, Salt Lake City

“It is truly a gift to receive an intuitive soul song reading from Susan. Her gift is powerful and offers spiritual direction that taps into the core of ones higher self. She works from the heart and brings forth a unique gift of a soulsong that will inspire and direct your life.It is with much gratitude that I testify to the healing power of her work.”

– Sharon Szabo

“Susan, thank you so much, this has been been phenomenal. I think this is the best reading I ever had. It is the best reading I ever had. it’s making me nervous, because I just, don’t do many readings because I don’t feel they’ve been that beneficial, but this as been tremendous. I thank you very very much.” 

– Jennifer, Boulder CO

“She is extremely accurate, extremely helpful and true!!!!! Susan has a way of tuning into a person’s energies. Her songs take on whatever tone or energy is needed to relay the message more fully, and they are always right on track! It is just amazing how she tunes in at such a higher soul energy place to give such positive, beautiful and helpful messages. She has helped me with some very difficult decisions, for that I am truly grateful. I would gladly recommend Susan to anyone! It is a wonderful experience!!!”

– Mireille Fournier

Susan Reis is so fun, enthusiastic, generous, joyous, so knowing and a wonderful human being. I’ve had about 5 readings with Susan and have given some as gifts to friends as it’s a transformational experience and I think that is a fabulous gift to give a friend. I gift myself!! Always an uplifting experience. Not only that day but days and weeks later it’s the gift that keeps giving. I suggest listening to the tape often just to hear the song and feel it’s vibration again and again.The info I’ve received is amazingly accurate and feels like “home.”Unquestionably she is tapping into my Higher Divine self.And she “hears” so much better than I do. I’m getting better at hearing with her help. Her communication is down to earth, practical, fun and respectful. We even had a playful leprechaun come in on St. Patrick’s day. I’ve heard songs from my departed Mother and Father that were “so them” and I treasure these with all my heart. I attended a “Co-Creating Heaven on Earth” workshop here in Colorado about a year ago that she facilitated. Definitely an uplifting, info packed day of clearing and making way for the good stuff. She so generously shares all her info she has distilled thru her experiences. I received a packet of valuable info that I’ve gradually as needed integrated into my daily sacred practice and life that I am so thankful for. One of the most valuable take-aways of my experience with her is Mother’s Prayers. Now instead of worrying I “surround my children with 100 angels.” I put it in the hands of my angels and worry less. I heard phrases from her that I use on a daily basis now…”Susanisms”…”Working with my highest guides, angels, masters, teachers” and “everything for the highest and best,” “always the highest good for all involved.” “I now accept this or something better for the highest good of all” “get on with your business, be joyful, happy and grateful.” These have acted as my template to help restructure my thinking and make positive change. Love, joy and contagious enthusiasm bubble out of her. If Susan wasn’t so authentic, empowered and “in touch,” she wouldn’t be able to share and help others with her Divine Clarity as she does. She talks about serious issues in an easy, helpful and fun way. I highly recommend Susan Reis. She is powerful. And fun! And I constantly thank my friend Barbara for turning me onto her.”

– Anne Cohen

Susan gave me “ROCK SOLID” advice that guided me in to making HEALTHY choices for life… Which school for my teenage son would serve HIS NEEDS best. Which city to live in for my business would serve OUR highest and best purpose… and which direction to take with the woman I love, would best serve “All involved?” Now almost a year later, all of her GROUNDED advice showed up to be true. Her guidance was notonly Healthy… it brought more Joy, Peace and Happiness into my life. Susan not only has been touched by the Angels… she givesGrounded Old Fashion good advice.

– C. Otto, Wisconsin

“I knew I had gifts but I needed a clearer vision of how I should use them. I was also fearful of trusting my intuition. Susan helped me find the truth, and to direct my abilities in the most loving and gentle manner.Since our session a couple of years ago, I have gone on to help others find their own truths and believe in themselves as I can now believe in myself.Thank you so much, Susan, for working with me and giving me the confidence to fulfil my purpose.” 

– Mary “Nuni” Learman

After a workshop with Susan…

Susan’s class on Co-Creating Heaven on Earth was life changing. I feel like a whole new person. I feel whole, complete and at peace with who I am. It was simply amazing.

– Mary J. Phillips, WI 

Thank you so much for the Workshop at Flowing Spirit. It made such a huge change in the way I feel. That day I worked through issues I’ve dealt with my whole life. You helped me so much, and I can’t wait for the next workshop! I truly appreciate you sharing your gift with us.” 

– Sandra, Green Bay, WI

“Susan, I just wanted to thank you so much for spending the time with me and helping to guide me on my soul’s true path. The prayers you gave me have greatly transformed my life and I know I will see even greater changes as I continue to grow. The work you do is so important and I know you will help so many more.

– Amy V, Appleton Workshop 2007  

Your workshop was just awesome. Wouldn’t have missed it for anything. Thanks!” 

– Georgie H, Appleton, WI

Your Workshop was Very Powerful, and it helps to get you back on track, yet it’s simple and teaches things to use each day.

– Connie, Marshfield, WI  

I am compelled to let you know how valuable of a tool you gave me. I truly love and enjoy using the “To Connect and Protect” information. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful tool.” 

– Evylyn, Milwaukee, WI

I remembered the Release Technique that you taught us about taking the energy out of the body, and immediately felt better in my body and was able to then to relax and regenerate. Now I’m up and being productive, completing lots of things.

– Regina, Boulder, CO  

I want to thank you, not only for your work, but for all the ways your heart reaches out to cover the vast territory of another persons situation. It comes across to me as caring energy verses the mind thing. I am just so Grateful! Two days ago I started listening to the tape you sent me and I got it–I really got it. Thank you! Thank You! Thank You!” 

– Sharon S, Boulder, Co